Cosmopolitanism // How Long Not Long

Friday Sept. 30th 19:30 – 20:30

Vektormusik, the daring duo of Thomas Ahlmark and Kristoffer Jørgensen, will be performing live with Jody Ghani-Nordby, based on original soundtrack by Uri Kranot. Reconstructing an impressionistic, interactive, audio-visual performance from the film Cosmopolitanism –  they experiment with an array of iconic images that both celebrate the oneness of humankind and warn of the challenges facing us in this volatile time.

Viborg Kunsthal
Riddergade 8, 8800 Viborg

Free entry


Sound Bytes – review

Headphone Commute did a lovely review of “Time Woke Up in Darkness – excerpts vol. 2” released on Time Released Sound.

During CPH:STAGE 2015 we released a DIY under the radar 10″ vol. 1 sold exclusively during the performance .. there is still some copies left – soon sold on bandcamp.

… with a few analogue sounding synth bleeps and microscopic clicks that seemingly become a rhythm, Time Woke Up In Darkness is so much more than just a set of excerpts – it’s a delightful treasure trove of sounds to be dug through slowly on a rainy night.


Time Woke Up – Review

A really nice review (in Italian) of our new release on Time Released Sound (US) on Music Won’t Save You.

A practical approach and often ghostly in the outcome, “Woke Up In Time excerpts Darkness Vol 2” is a creative realism, applied to a microcosm of notes and noises, suspended and flickering in a darkness broken down and rebuilt in almost a ‘ time-weighted electro-acoustic joints.” – Raffaello Russo

Upcoming London shows

A two day residency at Iklectic Art-lab is confirmed for April the 23rd and 24th. The residency will mark the release of our new album. Both editions will be available at the concerts.

The line-up is amazing featuring Time Released Sound artist Wil Bolton (UK) and The Inventors of Aircraft (UK) on Saturday and Matawan (UK) on Sunday.

Additional info: Saturday and Sunday.