Time Woke Up In Darkness – Excerpts vol. 2

Excerpts from the theatrical laboratory staged by Carte Blanche at CPH:STAGE 2015, a 6 hour improvised experience of music, dance, visuals and theater.

… “Danish duo Vektormusik unfurl an ethereal, otherworldly sound that is loosely piano based, but for much of the record, the piano disappears beneath a field of static (or never appears at all). Blurred expanses of glitch and squelch are smoothed into softly staticky transmissions, laced with hushed melodies, cricket like chitter, processed guitars, whispered strings, billowy low end thrum, gristled hum, all in a state of near stasis, with buried rhythms looped and softly pulsing, smeared into indistinct, barely there throbs, the surrounding atmosphere a bleary-eared field of gauzy shimmer, shifting easily from mysterious moody murk, to crystalline collage, to crackly, abstract, almost digi-dub, but all of those sounds presented intimately, and sparsely, occasionally building to mini-crescendos, but more often than not, seemingly suspended in some strange, simple soundworld, all of their lowercase sounds woven into a dreamlike web, a sonicscape that manages to be mysterious, cinematic and sublime”. – Andee Connors (Aquarius Records)

released March 13, 2016


Excerpts of the theatrical laboratory staged by Carte Blanche.

Performed June 2015
Copenhagen DK

Mastered by Wil Bolton
Design by Colin Herrick