Uro/Unrest LP

Objects suspended from strings. They share a common center of gravity, force and momentum but are free to move at independent paces, independent circles. At random the objects align, share phase, structure or pulse. The mobile as the physical object for inspiration is the working premise of these electro-acoustic instrumentals where each instrument in its own pace represent more or less independent objects circling a coherent theme, idea or emotion.
The music is abstract yet simple in its repetitive form expressed with acoustic instrumentation such as piano, guitar and strings mixed with layers of analog and digital instruments. Inspirations drawn from modern classical composition, early-electronica and kraut-jazz.

In Danish mobile translates into uro which can be translated back into uneasy or unrest which is the secondary theme of the music. There is a certain amount of eeriness attached to the drones, subs and distortion throughout the album.

This second album from Vektormusik differs from the previous release Interfoliere EP on Rump Recordings (2007) as a more dense and dark album. Layers of strings are in play, vivid acoustic drums be- comes unstable and fills the void in the electronic bobbling soup. Using interweaving loops and repetitive elements, the music becomes reminiscent of everyday auditory events and emotions. The pace is slow and transcending, every single note has a place – as an object in free space.

Don’t look here for a soundtrack to sunny days or a calming passage to sleep… look here to find music that is brave and weird enough to go against the grain and impress on numerous confusing and harmonious levels.

– Daniel WJ Mackenzie for Fluid Radio

The sense of Uro/Unrest is found in an ongoing unwillingness to settle upon a single genre. While classical and kraut might not seem to go together, neither did chocolate and chipotle until around two years back; this too is a new flavor, biding its time.

– Richard Allen for a Closer Listen.

500 copies on crisp white vinyl.

released September 22, 2012

space-craft 02

Cover by Vektormusik
Mastered by Loop-O D&M Mastering